Mar 26, 2017

Lang Family Reunion

Thank you Aunt Judy and Uncle Robert for hosting a wonderful afternoon in Balboa with family and friends.  It was great to see my Lang aunts, uncles and cousins!  And great for the kids to be together and play.

Ethan And Van

Two friends playing baseball.

Mar 25, 2017

Date Night

Fun night at Japonica and The Bull Pen with Beau & Emily and Jimmy & Aimee!

Mar 24, 2017

Happy Birthday Mamma!

Happy birthday to my beautiful Mom!  You are beautiful inside and out and today we honor you!  We had a lovely lunch at Trump National overlooking the ocean.
My sissy's Cathy and Ann
We love you!

Constance, Ann and Claire
Mom, Grams and Ginny

The Fragoso girls!

Mar 17, 2017

Celebrating Josette

Josette decided to spend her birthday with her besties Jesse and Paloma and do a little shopping day in Santa Monica on 3rd Street Promenade.  Jessie Joy, Gigi and I joined them for shopping, treats and dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  We had a lovely day celebrating Jojo!!!
3 amigos!

Paloma and Josette
Josette and Jesse

Jessie and Gigi, kids in a candy store.
We all love you Jojo!

Mar 15, 2017

Gigi's 11th Birthday

Happy, sweet, fun, thoughtful, smart, and beautiful are just a few words to describe our Gigi Catherine.  She turns 11 today and is ready to play hooky!  She woke up first thing and headed for her presents.  Of course we made her favorite cinnamon rolls then went to Peete's with Dad and then a quick trip to Jamba Juice.  We stopped to get our fingers and toes polished then had a Pedone's lunch by the beach.  After lunch we went to her hair appointment to get a trim and blowout.  Gigi looked beautiful with her new do and ready to meet her friends for birthday play and dinner.  Isabella and Mia came over to celebrate with us.  We had spaghetti and chocolate covered strawberries from the Torrance Bakery.  I have to say the day was jammed packed with fun and Gigi enjoyed every minute!  Happy birthday Gigi!  Wishing you a magically happy year!
Good morning Gigi!

She loves her Dad!

A little pampering!

Gigi, Isabella and Mia

Jumping for joy!

Happy birthday to YOU G!

Mar 13, 2017

Josette's 14th Birthday

Josette is our #1 girl turning 14!  Our girl is special in so many ways.  She's super smart, funny, beautiful, nice, independent and talented.  She accomplishes everything she puts her heart and mind in to.  She's an honor student and plays lacrosse.  Josette is a gem that sparkles and shines.  She'll always be our #1 girl and we love her from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the moon.  Wishing you a wonderful year of fun and adventure!
Josette woke up, opened presents and ate cinnamon rolls.  She had a great day at school then celebrated her birthday dinner with family at Frida's.

We love you Jojo!!!

Thank you for being YOU!!!