Happy Birthday Josette

Josette went to school then played a lacrosse game on her 16th birthday.  She was with her friends and playing her fav sport.  And they won!  Happy birthdday Jo, we love you!!!
Riley, Josette, Katie and Tatum


Gigi and Jessie in action as they play for the middle school team at PV High.


Josette's Sweet 16!

Our Jojo is almost 16 so she decided to celebrate with her besties at an Escape Room.  Everyone met at our house, hopped in the party bus and made our way to Sherman Oaks for The Hollywood Escape House.  Thanks to Josette and Jessie for solving the mystery!  We then went to Don Cuco's for a fun and delish Mexican dinner.  Great night with great friends!
Bestie's Riley and Katie

Riley, Katie, Nate, Josette, Chase, Max and Dillon
Boyfriend = Girlfriend = Nate and Josette

Party bus

Kate, Dexter, Jessie, Chase Nate, Dillon, Josette and Riley at the Escape House

The boys

Don Cuco's
The gang!  Max, Nate, Chase, Dexter, Jessie, Dillon, Katie, Josette and Riley

Dad and mom had fun too!

What is she wishing for?
Dad gave Jojo a diamond band

Love you Josette!!!  You are definitely sweet 16!  You're also extremely smart, thoughtful, fun, creative and beautiful!  Keep doing what you're doing... making us proud and setting a wonderful example!  We love you always and forever and are very excited to see what wonderful things this year brings!

Jessie's 12th Birthday

Happy birthday Jessie Joy!  Our baby girl is growing up and celebrated her special day with special friends.  Jessie is smart, sweet, fun, beautiful, artistic and independent!  We love you always and forever and wish you the best year ever!
Hey Van!

Katelyn, Amanda, Jessie, Melina and Chloe
Jess and Gigi
Gigi and Josette
Love my babies!

Benihana fun!