Dana and Trista

Long over due dinner at Nick's in Long Beach with Dana and Trista.  Love my girls!!!

Happy Mother's Day

I am so lucky to be a mother!  Being a mom is fulfilling in so many ways.  I love their smiles, different personalities, my special connection with each and the never ending love and hugs.  My kids show affection and respect.  They are fun and smart.  Most of all, they are great people and I love watching them grow.
I couldn't ask for better mothers in my life.  They have given me advice, guidance and love.  Thank you Mom, Grams and Ginny for always impacting me and my family in a positive way and giving me unconditional love and respect.  I love you to the moon and back!
Grams and Mom
Jeff and Van
Bruce and Jeff
Ginny and Gene
Gigi, Jessie and Josette

Van's Spring Sing

Van, Keanu and Elliot
I was smiling the whole time!  Great performance from Tulita's 2nd graders!  Loved every minute!!!
Van and Tyler

Levi, Van and Tyler
Braylen, Ethan, Elliot, Vasai, Alexandra, Roxy, Van, Nico, Natalie and Leilani

Mother Daughter Tea

What a great idea Tracy had to take the girls for an afternoon brunch at the Chado Tea Room in Torrance.  It was so nice to spend quality time with the girls, learn about many different types of teas (over 300) and munch on scones and sammy's.  Great day with Josette, Tracy and Katie.

Love you Jojo!

Lily's 'Charlie' Performance

Go Liliana Rose!  She nailed her part as Charlie in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.  We all came to cheer her on and watch a wonderful performance.  A great night with family and friends!
Lily and Jessie Joy
The Cast

Eva, Josette, Jessie, Gigi and George
Eva and Josette
Renee, Joyce, Sherry, Heather and Cynthia

Ciara's Angelversary

We joined the Smith Family and friends to celebrate Ciara's angelversary with a beach luau.  It was a beautiful afternoon to celebrate the life of an amazing girl, Ciara Smith!
Melina, Natalie, Katelyn, Chloe, Riley, Gabby, Savannah and Celeste