Parras Award Ceremony

Gigi ran for ASB in the beginning of the year and was elected 6th Grade Activities Coordinator.  She moved to 7th/8th grade ASB and did an amazing job contributing.  She helped with dances and many different activities.  Good job Gigi getting involved and making Parras an awesome school!

Jessie's Band Performance

Jessie, you practiced and practiced and did a wonderful job performing.  You did an awesome job this year playing the flute and putting in the extra time and effort to test for the Gold Award.

Jessie receiving her Gold Award for high honors in band and mastering over 20 songs.

Jessie and Callie
Ms. Zoetewey

Katelyn, Natalie and Jess

RUHS Award Ceremony

We were surprised and so honored to hear Josette was going to receive an award at the ceremony.  Only a hand full of 800 Freshman are chosen for their excellence in academics and sports.  Josette received an award for 9th Grade Honors English.  We are VERY proud of Josette and her academic achievement this year receiving a 4.2 GPA.  Way to go Jojo!  Keep up the good work!  You continue to amaze us all with your high achievements!!!

Sweet Katie came to support.

Sibling shenanigans!

Love these girls!

Lacrosse Banquet

RUHS JV Lacrosse had a great season and finished off the year with a fun congratulatory banquet.  Thanks to the coaches for leading the girls to an undefeated season.  These girls are extremely smart, nice and athletic.  So proud to be a part of the lacrosee family.

Jordan, Katie, Josette, Riley, Olivia and Kylie
Gigi and Jessie are future RUHS lacrosse girls.

Father Daughter Dance

Wouldn't miss the annual St. Lawrence Father Daughter Dance.  This year Katie Thurman joined.  They all had a great time!

Padres Championship Game

Congratulations Padres on winning the American Double A Championship against the Braves.  Van pitched 3 innings and won MVP!  Thanks to Coach Scott, Coach Ian, Coach Jeff and Coach Keith for a wonderful season!

Coach Scott
Coach Scott and Adacio

Beau Brown

Open House

Jessie showed us her creative and beautiful classwork in Ms. Pate's 5th grade class.

Van did a wonderful job in Ms. Redmond's 2nd grade class this year.  We especially loved his troll video with Ethan!

Van, Ethan and Ian
Van and Tyler
Natalie, Katelyn, Chloe, Jessie and Van