Adventure City

Cousin Abby's here!  She's visiting with Aunt Christy and Mark from Delaware.  The girls were so excited to see her.  First stop, Adventure City!  We had a fun day riding ALL the rides.  It's a small park so how did we manage to spend 5 hours there?  Well... we rode the rides 100 times each!

 What a treat to ride with the City Kitty!

Dad's Work

Today we packed a lunch and drove to Pacific Palisades to see Jeff at his job site.  We were all impressed with his skill, craftsmanship and the scope of his project.  He's building a beautiful Modern Green home. 
That night I had to go out and get Van his own hammer and drill so he can build like his Dad.

Balboa Bay Club

Angie invited Debbie and I with all the kids to spend the day at the Bay Club in Newport.  It's always a great day hanging with friends and watching the girls play in the water.

 Jessie and Brooke
 Gigi with Brooke and Audrey
 Jessie with Brooke and Audrey
Isabella with Brooke and Audrey

Cheer Camp

Josette, Gigi and Jessie along with their good friend Isabella did a cheer camp put on by the Mater Dei Cheerleaders.  My good friend Debbie's daughter Brooke was one of the Freshman Cheerleaders coaching the girls.  I was very impressed by all the high school cheerleaders.  They were so sweet, polite and enthusiastic.  Such great role models!  My girls just adored them and had a great week learning new cheers, dances and tumbling.  Angie, Debbie and I joined them the last day to watch all the choreographed routines.  Thank you to Brooke and all the cheerleaders for an unforgettable camp experience!

Grandpa Bill and Cathy

Grandpa Bill and Cathy came in from North Carolina to join us for some summer family fun.  We spent a day at the beach, went for a stroll on the Pier, had family BBQ night and a nice dinner out.  The kids adore their Grandparents and there's nothing more important or enjoyable than spending quality time with family.  I wish we lived closer, but always appreciate the effort it takes to get here.  Thank you Grandpa Bill and Cathy for coming our way.  We love you and always treasure our time together!

 A beautiful day to watch the pelicans and eat pizza and churros!

 3 generations of Lewis men!

Brunch and Boat

My BFF Sherry invited us all for a day of brunching and boating from Marina Del Rey to Palos Verdes.  Yes, we did this for my 40th and Sherry thought it would be fun to do a repeat birthday.  Besides getting a little sea sick, I had a great time with my sweet friends who spoiled me and made me feel 41 and fabulous!  I feel grateful to have these lovely ladies in my life who I've known since Junior High and College.  It's fun for us Mom's to take a day off to laugh and let loose once in a while!  Thanks Sherry... you're wonderful!

Sherry, Joyce, Renee, Michelle, Debbie, Angie, Roni, Heather, Lynn and Trista.

We anchored right in front of the Struble house where Jeff and I lived when we got married.