Happy Thanksgiving!

 Cousin love

 Boys, boys, boys

 Sister love
 Van love
 JohnPaul and Bruce

 Pumpkin martinis

 Gianna and Van getting ready to roast
Catching up with James and Joseph

 Marshmellow heaven
Cousin love

Surfing The Cove

Jessie went out for a session with Dad while Josette, Bailey and Van hung out on the rocks exploring the tide pools.  Such a picture perfect afternoon in PV!

Family Playdate

Josette 11
It's been a long time since we've had an afternoon of play.  We enjoyed running around Town & Country racing, swinging and climbing.  Then I took some cute pics of the kids with red flushed cheeks and filled with joy!
Gigi 8

Jessie 7

Van 4

This pic made it on the Christmas Card