New Years Eve

We rang in the new year with Robyn and Ted at The Bottle Inn.  Good food, good friends and lots of laughs.  We ended the night in our pj's with the kids on the couch cuddled and watching home movies.  Love seeing our babies as babies!  So grateful for a healthy and happy 2015 and looking forward to a bright and beautiful 2016!

Last Day Of The Year

Can't think of a better way to spend the last day of the year than being with my family and bike riding along the beach.

Sherry's Sleepover

It's a must-have to sleep over at Sherry's during the break.  It was a packed house with Georgie, Lilly, Eva, Weston, Raquel, Jonah, Josette, Gigi, Jessie, Van, Sherry, Aunt Cathy, Heather and Auntie Nene.  We stayed up late and caused lots of havoc!  Good times!

Balancing contest

3 of my favs!

The gang!

Jane's Birthday

Happy Birthday Jane!  We loved celebrating with you and the gang at Bouzy's!
Chris, Jane, Me, Jeff and George

Christmas Day!

Happy Birthday Jesus!  We've been waiting and waiting for this special day to arrive.  I love when the kids wake me up early to discover their Santa gifts and want to get going on the present opening.  Over coffee and cinnamon rolls we opened every last present.  The big one was out front from Santa... a tether ball court.  The house was a mess with gifts everywhere and smiles from ear to ear. 

As always, we had a great time at Grandma and Bruce's!  This year there must have been 40+ family and friends eating, visiting, playing and laughing.  We stayed late and enjoyed every second with the fam!  Thank you Mom for a beautiful day and many generous gifts!  Love you all!
Claire, Raquel, Travis and Kristin (Tin Tin)

Josh, Jacob and Caleb
Joseph, James and JohnPaul
 Kristin, Carrie, Krista, Grams, Constance and Claire
Cousins galore!

 Michael and Cathy
My sweet sibs!

What a treat to spend time with Mom and Aunt Virgie!

Christmas Eve

Truly one of my favorite nights of the year and tonight was no exception.  We started the night with Christmas Eve Mass where the girls sang in choir.  Josette sang the Psalm and the girls sang Silent Night.  They all did a great job!  Our 7th family member, Bailey, joined us to support the girls.  It was great to see many friends at Church then we had dinner at Avenue Italy.  It's one of our favorite restaurants!  After dinner, we joined Robyn, Ted and Alec for dessert and presents.  It was fun filled and jam packed.  Wouldn't have it any other way!

Great food + great family time

Sweet and beautiful Robyn
Van and Chasey