Safety Walk

Jeff joined Jessie's Kinder class as they walked around the block discussing how to be safe on the street.

Lemonade Stand

The girls set up shop at Bella's House.  Van was the official cupcake tester.  I think they made out with almost $35!!!  Not bad for an honest days work.

Date Night

Nothing says "I Love You", like a night out at the Bull Pen.  Jeff loves the prime rib, I love the wood panel walls and fake flowers.  Always a good time!

Happy Birthday Ginny!

There are SO many things we love about Ginny.  She is kind, caring, funny and talented... she loves to cook, loves to garden and loves to create beautiful pieces of art.  Her home is our 2nd home.  The girls LOVE their sleepovers with morning cinnanom rolls.  She is beautiful inside and out and goes out of her way to show her love and support for us all.  We were happy to spend her birthday dropping off presents in the morning and celebrating in the evening at the Bottle Inn.  Happy Birthday Ginny and many more to come!!!

Spider From Hell

It took me 1/2 an hour to kill this thing... right outside the girls window.

Lily's Birthday

Lily turned 5 and we celebrated her Hello Kitty themed party at their local park in Bell Canyon.  The kids were kept busy in the bounce house, exploring nature and making snow cones.

Watermellon kept little Vanny cool.
 With Cathy, Heather, Sherry and Allison.

Jessie, Josette and Raquel fell in love with Louie.
Georgie and Gigi

Sweet Jessie

Josette was feeling sick today so Jessie went on an outdoor hunt to gather and create this beautiful "get well" offering.  Jessie is my earthy girl.  Her enthusiasm for nature and her creativity always impress me.  I love her sweet and caring heart!

Marina Del Rey


The gang set out for a 2 hour duffy boat ride in Marina Del Rey.  Jessie and I unfortunately stayed behind (poor little Jess wasn't feeling well that evening).  The girls loved it but took Van about an hour to get used to the boat and water.  Hopefully we'll all get another chance to do it again!

Watson BBQ

Christyne has been our friend for years.  We used to meet at the bakery on the weekends and have always talked about getting our families together.  It was so nice to meet her husband Jeff and 3 daughters Hannah, Abby and Natalie who are equally and incredibly sweet and beautiful.  The girls had a ball swimming and jumping while the adults BBQ'd and caught up on life.  So good to spend time with Suzie and Jed as well.  Thanks Watson's for a great time!