1st Day Of School

After a fun, long and exciting summer... school is finally here.  Josette's in 8th grade.  Gigi's in 5th grade with Mrs. Nelson.  Jessie's in 4th grade with Mrs. Whaley and Van's in 1st grade with Mrs. Vega.  Everyone was up early with big smiles and ready to go!
Jessie Joy
Josette with Kate and Kylie

Walking to school
Gigi and Cameron
Jessie and Callie
Gigi and Luciana

Culture Club

Saturday night out for a dinner date at Frankie's on Melrose then the Culture Club at The Hollywood Bowl.  Great food, great weather under the stars and great 80's music all night!

Balboa Bay Club

We were able to squeeze in a trip to the Balboa Bay Club with Ang, Isabella and Shawn before school starts next week.  The kids love seeing and swimming with their friends and Ang and I love catching up by the pool.  Always a great time with our good friends!

Gene's 83rd Birthday

Happy birthday Gene!  So happy to be celebrating with you on your special day.  We had the most delicious dinner at Trump National and the best part was everyone sharing their favorite thing about Gene.  He's nice, caring, funny, smart and loving!  You mean the world to us Gene and we are so grateful to have you in our lives!  Love you!