Winter Ball

Kids were getting their groove on at Tulita's Winter Ball.  Melina and Jessie were all smiles.
Natalie, Chloe, Celeste, Amanda, Melina, Jessie and Carloline

Bailey, Sienna, Shale, Chloe, Reese, Melina, Jessie, Celeste, Savannah, Amanda, Katelyn, Caroline and Natalie

Grandpa Lang's History

Interesting, informative and fun afternoon at Uncle Joe's listening to Grandpa Lang tell stories of his time in the Coast Guard and stories of Great Grandpa Lang's time in World War II.
Joseph, Jess, Gigi, Van, Josette, John Paul, James, Grandpa Lang, Ozell and Gianna

Great Grandpa's Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal's

Coast Guard yearbooks

Grandpa's adentures

Young grandpa who looks strikingly like Uncle Joe.