Ciara's Bench Dedication

Mayor Bill Brand and the City of Redondo Beach made a beautiful dedication to Ciara Smith with a gorgeous garden and bench on the Esplanade.  We attended the event with her friends and family and reflected on her wonderful young life.
Patrol boats from both LA County and Redondo Beach readied a water cannon salute.
Beautiful pineapple princess!

Ginny's Birthday

Happy birthday Ginny!  There are so many things we love about you... you're kind, have a huge heart, fun, crafty and always up for anything.  We celebrated at one of our favorite restuarants, The Bottle Inn.  Wishing you a fabulous year and many many more!

Cara's Graduation Party

Congrats to Cara Ulizio!  She graduated with a wonderful 4 years under her belt with a Bachelors AND Masters from Penn State!  You are a beautiful young woman Cara, with many achievements and we wish you all the best in your new career and life adventures in Texas!

Van's Baseball Game

We always enjoy Van playing ball with the Gold Team!

Dodger Game

Dad and crew on their way to the Dodger game.  Not sure who won, but sure they had a great time!!!

Lilly's 10th Birthday

Leave it to Sherry to plan a fun-filled girls day including hair, nails, makeup, shopping, dinner, cake and an awesome sleepover.  Happy birthday Lilliana Rose!  We hope you have an amazing 10th year!

America's Got Talent

Nothing like ditching school a little early to head to Hollywood for an America's Got Talent taping.  We met Sherry, Georgie and Lilly, ate lunch, shopped and had big smiles during the show.  So fun!

Jessie's favorite!