Happy Anniversary!

Married this gorgeous man 11 years ago in Positano Italy.  Love of my life, Best Dad and Husband Ever!  Here's to many more!
Dinner at Buona Sera followed by drinks at Wine Bar.

Sweet Aunty Ann

 All of us together last August to celebrate Aunty Ann's Birthday.
Following the service, our big Italian family gathered at Steven's Restaurant to celebrate Aunty Ann's life.  She was always loving, caring, generous and always concerned for our well being.  She was Grandma's Best Friend, Sister and loved by us all.  She will be missed and remembered!  We love you Aunty Ann and we'll all be together in Heaven someday.

Sweet Krista, Claire and Constance
Jacob, Jeff and Josh... 2 brothers and an Uncle
Kristyn and Bryce... so grown up and so wonderful to see!
We love our Uncle Matt!
Sweet Kathy and Uncle Matt
My stinkers!
Jeff with Cousin Father John

Celebration Time!

A beautiful gathering with the Watson Family, Suzy and Jed and many others to celebrate Tim's successful open heart surgery.  He looks better than ever and amazes me with his energy and happy spirit!

Picture Perfect

A beautiful day to lay in the sun and explore the grounds of the Point Vicente Lighthouse in Palos Verdes.

Debbie's Birthday

The girls got together to celebrate Debbie's Birthday at Maggiano's.  It was great to visit with old friends and share fun stories from High School. 

70's Theme Cotillion

The last Cotillion of the year.  The girls had a great time learning new dance moves and making new friends.  I had a great time watching!  They ended it with a bang and are ready to sign up next year.  Great job girls!

L.C. Fashions

Josette - Fashion Designer Age 10.  Josette started designing her own line of clothing.  About a month ago she and cousin Raquel sat down and designed tops, dresses and pants.  She also came up with a logo... L.C. Fashions.  L stands for Lewis, C for Cordas.  Josette stuck with the idea and brought it to fruition with the help of Ginny.  Together they went shopping for a pattern and fabric and about a week later created her first piece, this beautiful cobalt blue cap sleeve blouse.  Good job Josette!  Just goes to show that with a good idea, motivation and determination you can make your dreams come true.

Scooter Mania!

Serious concentration.

 A little faster Dad!
 I love our street... a couple blocks down and you're at the beach!

In Honor of Judy

We gathered tonight to celebrate Judy's 74th Birthday.  Although she has passed to eternal Heaven she will remain in our hearts forever.  Jane, along with family and friends will always remember how she touched each of our lives with her beautiful soul.  Happy Birthday Jewel!

Jeff and Judy... The best part of summer was lounging with The Scallons at the Malaga Cove Summer Concerts.