Happy Birthday Jessie Joy

Jessie Joy turns 2 today. She wanted balloons and blue cupcakes. Her sisters helped her open presents and then fought over the toys... thank God I had extra for Jo's and Gi. We had fun celebrating our little baby as she turns into a toddler. She is our sweet, energetic babydoll!

Dinner with Judy and Jane

I've said it before, Judy and Jane are like family to us. They are wonderful people and ALWAYS wonderful to be with. We had a great time at Misto. Thank you!

Dinner with Beau and Emily

Had a great time with our friends at Brix. We always love getting together. Love Emily's new chestnut mane.

Eric's Birthday

We went to Eric's party at Chuck E Cheese. Before we left the girls hammed it up for the camera. I love catching these cute moments on film.

Poker Night

Okay, the boys played poker and girls gabbed all night. It was so much fun. Anytime I get to hang with Sherry is the best. Great to meet and spend time with friends Vivian, Margo and Denise too.