Happy Birthday Jesus!

Christmas has finally arrived. It was still dark when the girls woke. They were excited and energetic as they ripped through their presents. Santa left Razor Scooters and a Plasma Car. Dad gave them Tiffany necklaces. Even Van was excited to open his piano and guitar. We then got ready and spent the rest of the day and night at Grandma Lang's. It was a beautiful day laughing and visiting with family. We're so lucky and fortunate to have each other and so many wonderful people in our lives. This is truly what the holidays are about... being filled with love inside and out.

Christmas Eve

The girls have waited all year for this special night. We went to Church (packed house, 2nd year of standing) then off to Ginny and Gene's for a to-die-for Turkey Dinner and lots of opening presents. The favorites were Inno Tabs, Cabbage Patch and Webkinz. We're so lucky to have loving family to spend the holidays with. Ginny and Gene made sure the night was filled with lots of love and wonderful memories.

Presents With Grandpa & Ozell

We had a nice day visiting with Grandpa Lang and exchanging gifts. They enjoyed the laughter, silliness and song and dance performance after lunch. There's never a shortage of entertainment in our house.

Oh Christmas Tree!

Do you like our butterfly theme?

Christmas Dinner with Sherry

This year just the two of us at Casa Vega. Love my BFF and the time we spend together.

Gigi's Christmas Performance

My little Kindergartener with the big smile did such a wonderful job singing her medley of Holiday songs.
She practiced her songs, wore her favorite dress and was so excited to sing to her audience. She was glowing with pride and happiness. We always LOVE to see our girls perform... it melts our hearts.

Josette's Christmas Performance

We all came out to hear Josette and her classmates sing beautiful Christmas Carols. They've been practicing for over 2 months for this special performance and it was fabulous. Josette was smiling from ear to ear and beaming as she sang each song. She always puts 100% in all that she does. Great job Josette! What a fun night!

Jessie is Mary

My little Jessie Joy was the STAR of the show. She participated twice in the Story of Christmas. The first day she was an Angel and the second day she was Mary. Every year at Town & Country Ms. Pat who is 92 years old, nararates The Story of Christmas. Jessie had the important part of playing Mary. She did a wonderful job and took her role seriously. She especially liked riding the donkey and holding the baby Jesus. We were so proud of our little Angel!