Dinner With Friends

Such a fun night at Buona Vita with Robyn. Sherry and John. Good food, good wine and great friends!

Kara Irons Marries Shawn Botti

We had the honor of attending Kara and Shawn's wedding reception at their Church in San Pedro.  They were married earlier in the day at the Los Angeles Temple.  They are such a sweet and loving couple and have a bright future ahead of them.  We wish them many years of love and happiness!  We had fun visiting with our Town & Country friends, eating the delish food and tasty cookie bar and of course dancing with our pretty girls.  Thank you Kara and Miss Julie for including us in this beautiful day!

Angie's House

We had so much fun with Angie, Isabella and Shawnie.  And a total bonus today... Jaime, Bella, Ruby and Lilah joined too.  It was so great to spend the day with my sweet and favorite girls.  Must do it more often.  The kids just love being together and in the water... good times!

They LOVED the slide!

Mr. Bennett

Grams 90th Birthday

Today is Grandma Furnare's actual 90th Birthday so we drove out to be with her.  Spent a beautiful afternoon visiting at the park.  We love you Grams!

Grandma Furnare's 90th Birthday

Beautiful Grams turns 90 years old.  The whole family came out to celebrate her wonderful life.  Grandma is kind, funny, smart, loving and full of grace.  I have so much respect for her and am so happy to have the many wonderful years of memories we share.  She has been there for me for every milestone of my life.  I cherish her always and enjoy our precious time together.  Happy Birthday Grandma and here's to many many more!

 Jonah was also celebrating his 7th Birthday today!
 Cousins together forever!

Joe and Sylvie
Michael and Cathy
 My gorgeous guys
 James and Joe
 Uncle Matt and Kathy
Carrie, Kris and Baby Travis
 Lisa and Robert
Grams and Mom

 Paul and Jenna
Our beloved Father John

My sweet sisters