Happy Halloween!

All dressed up and ready for school!
 Vampire and The Mad Hatter

 Ollie and Van
 Danika and Jess

 Gigi and Luciana
Jess and Kendall
Ginny and Gene as well as The Brusseau's (Jed, Susie and Jess) joined us for dinner and trick-or-treating.

 With Kylie, Bella, Josette, Carolyn and Kate

Cross Country

Josette's been running with the Redondo WaveRunners.  She decided last minute to join the meet in PV.  We all went up to cheer her on.  She did great, but was exhausted as she came through the finish line.  Good job Jojo!  Here she is with Carolyn, Bella and Sarah.
 Up the first of many hills.
 Approaching the finish line.

Best part was hanging with Natalie.  Good job Nat for placing 2nd!!!

Dress Up At T&C

Van's special day to dress up with his classmates.  He was the red Power Ranger... always with Tigey by his side.  Here's a cute pic with Miss Christine.

 Shannon, Katie, Naya and Josephine
 Josephine and Mason
Miss Christine's Class

Off To Camp Pali

3 days away at science camp. We missed Josette but she had a great time in Running Springs.

Western Night

Western Night is a yearly tradition for the Lewis Family and Grandparents.  It's the only time of year we get our Country on.  Boots, hat, gingham, bbq, games, music and dancing make for a fun filled night!

 Ginny and Jeff

 Bruce, Janet, Gene and Ginny

 Jessie and Danika
 Kylie, Josette and Kate
 Cameron and Gigi... and Brit
 Balloon game... Van won!

 Awe, best moment of the night!