Happy Anniversary!

Best 12 years of my life!
I love you Jeffrey Warren... always and forever! 
Thank you for a romantic dinner at Avenue Italy.

Thanks to Gigi for my beautiful rainbow loom necklace and all the sweet well wishes from our kids and parents!

5th Grade Talent Show

 Many interesting and entertaining acts.  Good job 5th Graders!!!

Josette, Bella, Carolyn and Bailey

Isabella and Katie
Diego and Ricky

Bella and Josette
Sydney and Josette

Parras Band Concert

 Josette had the opportunity to play the flute at our future middle school.

Easter Sunday

Easter always consists of a few things... Church, family, egg hunt, Easter Bunny, baskets filled with treats, food, laughing and fun.
 So much love for Grams!

Krista and Teeney
 Sylvie with new baby Kristen.
 Jeff and Joe
 Claire and Grams
 Lisa and Robert
 Nothing better than everyone together!!!!

 Kris and Travis
 Josette and Caleb

Easter Bunny Surprise!

Picture Day

We were given a complimentary session for a family portrait at the Bradford Studios in Newport Beach.  I took a few pics in the waiting room.  Can't wait to see the finished painted portrait in 2 months.