Daddy Day at Town and Country

Gigi has been waiting and waiting for this special day and it's finally here. She took Dad to her school for the day to show him what she does and introduce him to her friends. They played, made crafts and ate snacks together. Then they went out for a special Daddy/Daughter lunch at Good Stuff. It means so much to the girls to spend special alone time with their parents. It means so much to us to spend this time alone and really be in the moment with each one. They are ALL so individual and special!


For the 3 birthday's this year, we celebrated with family parties and our big trip to Disneyland. The girls have been excited about going since their last visit on their birthday's last year. Ginny and Gene joined us for a perfect day in the sun riding rides and visiting with Mickey Mouse. The day was great until the last ten minutes after dinner when I took the girls to the bathroom and Jessie fell down face first and chipped and loosened her front teeth. I almost had a nervous breakdown, but fortunately after a dentist's appointment a few days later, she was given a clean bill of health... minus her front tooth turning gray. Oh Jessie Joy!

Dueling Birthdays

Today we are celebrating 2 birthday's! Josette is 7 and Gigi is almost 4! They woke up bright and EARLY to rip into their presents. Gigi's baby doll was the big hit, so I had to go out and get 2 more for Josie and Jessie. The rest of this beautiful spring day was spent playing out back and mothering their little babies. Ginny and Gene came over for dinner with even more presents... all Barbie! The girls were in heaven. But it's not over yet, we're continuing the birthday celebration next week when we head down to DISNEYLAND!

Sherry's Birthday

We always jump at the chance to celebrate birthdays and tonight Sherry was the guest of honor. We all met at Blush, tried on beautiful clothes and shopped, then went a few doors down to Larson's for a fun and delicious dinner. It's so nice to have such wonderful friends and make quality time to get together. It's a treat to spend an evening laughing and catching up with such beautiful girls. Happy Birthday Sherry!