So thankful for my family, God, good health and all of our beautiful blessings.  We're fortunate, happy and grateful.  Who could ask for anything more!  We had a very happy Thanksgiving!!!!

My favorite people!

My boys

Mom, Grams and Me
Jeff and Ginny
Uncle Joe and Aunt Sylvie
Gigi, Gianna, Joseph, James and JohnPaul


Aunt Sylvie and Aunt Cathy
Caleb and Joseph
Raquel and Aunt Cathy
Raquel and Gigi
Raquel and Jojo
Handsome Daddy
Lisa and Lauren

Legacy Project

Josette was thrilled to do her Parras Legacy Project on Gene.  The 8th graders were required to interview an elder and write a 300-word biographical essay that included dialogue, sensory description and a personal connection to their subject. She was happy and excited to choose Gene and write about his colorful life.  The essay took almost two weeks of in-class and at-home time to complete.  Josette worked very hard on her piece and did an excellent job delivering it to us and her classmates.  Loved seeing the tears of joy in both her and Gene's eyes.

Josette and Jesse

Mrs. Barker did a great job leading and guiding the students through the process.