Irish Dancing

Jessie's 1st grade class performed an Irish dancing routine they've been learning for the past 8 weeks.

Trip To Blythe

We drove to Blythe with the Cordas Cousins to spend some time with the Fragoso Cousins.  Constance, who participates in FFA (Future Farmers of America) raised a pig named Penny and was auctioning her off at the Fair.  It was great to see Aunt Ann, Uncle Mark and the girls!  We really enjoyed learning all about her project, meeting lots of friends and spending time with family!  Thanks for a fun weekend!
Thankfully we also spent time with Krista the college/working girl!
 Beautiful Constance and Penny the Pig

 Penny was auctioned for $1200.
  Always love spending time with sweet Claire Bear!
 The rides at the Fair were a blast!

Happy St. Patricks Day

The girls set up their traps and although they didn't catch the leprechaun, he definitely left signs he was here.

Gigi's 8th Birthday

Aww, sweet Gigi Catherine turns 8 today!  She woke up early, opened her gifts and ate cinnamon rolls.  When her guests arrived, they played games, ate pizza and cupcakes and opened more gifts!  She was in Heaven with all the friendly attention.  I have a special connection with Gigi.  We understand each other on just about everything.  She has such a pretty smile, loves sweet treats and is loving and kind... except when she's tormenting her sisters and brother.  She seems to find joy in that and always gets a good laugh.  Happy Birthday Gigi!  We all love our blonde beauty and wish her the best year ever!

Josette's 11th Birthday

She opened gifts in the morning then gathered some friends after school for a fun birthday beach day.  How has 11 years passed so quickly?  Josette is such a gem!  Every year she grows more and more beautiful inside and out.  She continues to do her best in all that she does.  She is kind, smart, sweet and caring.  I love how she sets a good example for her sisters and friends.  She has a passion for running, singing and rainbow loom.  Happy Birthday Josette Marie!  We love you JoJo and wish you the best year ever!

 With friends Mia, Jessica, Bella, Carolyn, Jada and Chelsea.

 Jo Jo and BFF Mia