Happy Anniversary

Our Anniversary this year was a family affair. We dined at our favorite restaurant Frascati and reminisced about our Italian wedding. I can't wait to go back for a second honeymoon! Eight years later, 3 beautiful girls and one lucky boy on the way... Our family is beautiful and complete!

Ride to Fly

We joined Judy and Jane Scallon for a charity event at The Empty Saddle Club. We enjoyed the afternoon eating BBQ, listening to music and doing arts and crafts with the girls. This was our second year attending and we look forward to many more.

Disney's California Adventure

We woke up over Spring Break and decided to be adventurous and head down to Disneyland! It was just me and the girls... oh and little baby in my tummy who is now approaching 7 months. The day was wonderful, ferris wheels, hot air balloons, bumper cars, and face painting. The girls were wonderful and troopers, as I only had a single stroller for them to share. We don't go often, but when we do... Disneyland is a magical place for all!

Shawnie's Birthday

Little Shawn who was born 3 years ago at 2lbs is now a healthy big boy and as sweet as can be! We celebrated his birthday at Pump it Up in Irvine. The kids enjoyed bouncing and eating yummy cupcakes while us moms enjoyed catching up on a little girl time. Love my girls Ang, Jaime and Jess!

Easter Sunday

Wake up, check your basket to see what the Easter Bunny brought, put on your beautiful dress, celebrate the Lord, then off to Grandma's we go to spend the day with family. What a beautiful day it was... egg hunt and playing with cousins made for a beautiful Easter! The girls also had their 1st sleep over at Aunt Cathy's that night. Did they miss me? No Way! They were having too much fun watching movies, eating popcorn and packing into Joshua, Jacob and Caleb's room for a crowded slumber party. I knew they were well taken care of from Krista, Constance and Claire.