Walk Through The American Revolution

Gigi, Isabella, Katie, Cameron, Jamie, Max, Logan and Chris
Gigi and her 5th grade friends entertained us with their Walk Through Revolution presentation.  The students actively participate in a lively retelling of our nation's beginnings.  Through the use of games, music and storytelling history comes alive.  Gigi dressed up as Ben Franklin and all the students explore famous events, historical figures and relevant vocabulary in American history. 

Jessie's 10th Birthday

She woke up happy as a clam and ready to rip into her presents.  It's a family tradition to open presents with everyone 1st thing in the morning.  Next, she played hooky from school to have a 'mommy and me day'.  We headed to Jamba Juice for a sweet smoothie then to the salon for mani's and pedi's.  After that we grabbed lunch at our favorite pizza place, Pedones and ate by our favorite place, the beach!  After lunch, Jessie wanted a massage so we did exactly that! Finally, we spent a little time at home before a special Mom and Dad dinner at Black Bamboo.  The day was filled with fun, laughs and lots of love for our birthday girl Jessie Joy.  We love watching her grow into a beautiful, smart, funny, caring, sporty, sassy, fun loving girl.  She has tons of friends and a contagious smile.  She's a tough cookie with a sensitive heart of gold.  We love you to the moon and back and hope you have another amazing year!

Sunday Dinner

Tonight we had a fun family dinner at Blue Water Grill and since it's the day before Jessie's birthday we decided to celebrate our little brown eyed girl.  Jesse S. joined us too.  We love you Jessie Joy!

Softball Girls

Our Sundays are filled with Church and Softball!  This is Gigi and Jessie's 1st year playing and they seem to be naturals... great hitters, great catchers and pretty darn good pitchers!  We enjoy watching their games and watching them get better and better each week.  Most importantly is they're having fun and learning a new sport!  Go G and Jess!


We can't get enough of watching Van play baseball!  His team is getting better and better every week as they play and learn the game.  He loves it and we love watching and rooting him on!  Go Van!

Gigi's Band Performance

Gigi's been learning and practicing the flute all year.  She has dedicated a lot of time practicing at home in her room and it's paid off.  She sounds great!  She played along side her 5th grade friends as well as playing a trio with Hope T and May.  Good job Gigi for choosing an instrument and giving it your all!