A visit from sweet Robyn.

Van finally warmed up to his skeleton costume.

Robyn stopped by to see the costumes and shower the kids with treats... Thank you!

 Dinner at the Gardner's.

 Geoff, Geralyn, Mike and Jeff
 Ida and Bradley the wonderful hosts.
 Getting ready to trick-or-treat.
Van's new BFF.
Josette and Kennedy

Halloween Parade

 The prettiest fairy, princess and bride that I've ever seen!

 Danika and Jessie

Princess Gigi
 Waving to her fans.

We loved the pumpkins Dad!

Western Night

Tulita's Fall Fundraiser is always fun hanging with friends, playing games, line dancing and lot's of BBQ.  This year we came home with 2 gold fish and many prizes.  Good times!

 Jess, Bella, Carolyn, Jo and G
Ella, Maeve and Jess
Van and Myla

 Riley, Claire, Shane, Jo and Jess
Van gettin his groove on.

UCLA Stunt Ranch

I was lucky enough to be selected to join Josette and the 4th graders on their field trip to the UCLA Stunt Ranch.  We were dropped off in the Santa Monica Mountains with a guide to hike and explore.  We learned about different plant and animal habitats in the area as well as the Native Americans that once lived on the land.  It was great to see the curious and interested 4th grade faces as they were told the history and asked inquisitive questions.  The day also included fun activities like painting and grinding flour and nuts.  I enjoyed my day with Josette and the many personalities in Miss H's class.

Pacific Cotillion

Josette and her friends Carolyn and Bella are taking Cotillion in Manhattan Beach.  It is the cutest thing ever!  Josette picked out her outfit and was a little nervous, but excited to see what this was all about... The girls were so pretty and the boys dressed to the nines in their black suites and ties.  She had a great time learning new dances and proper etiquette.  Her only request was to get white gloves because all the boys had sweaty hands.  I loved watching these 9 year olds act like ladies and gentlemen!