Joe Morales Marine Retirement

My high school friend Joe retired from the Marine Corps today after 20+ years of service and many missions to Iraq and Afghanistan. I was honored and thankful to be included in his special day with many of his friends and family.

Mammoth Time

The conditions were good so Jeff, Ginny and Gene decided to go on a Mammoth run and take Gigi and Jessie. They spent quality time in the snow and Jeff filled his snowboarding craving. Thanks Ginny and Gene for always taking good care of our girls.

We Love Grams!

I love getting the chance to spend an afternoon with Grandma Furnare. The kids and I spent some quality time catching up with Grams and Aunty Ann.

Date Night

So much fun and much needed night to be alone for dinner and a show. The Beatles vs The Stones Concert in San Pedro.

Must Catch Leprechaun!

We definitely tried to catch him, but he left a stash of gold coins instead. Thanks for the chocolate and maybe next year!

Happy 6th Birthday Gigi!

With her beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes and gorgeous smile, Gigi Catherine brings so much joy to our lives. She always wakes up in a good mood. She loves her teachers and friends at school. She plays nicely with her sisters and always takes care of her baby brother. Gigi is a good listener and never needs to be told twice. For her birthday, she wanted a special alone dinner with her parents at her favorite restaurant, Frascati's. We had a wonderful dinner with our special little girl. We then came home for candles and cake with Josette, Jessie, Ginny and Gene. We love you kind hearted Gigi!

Goodbye Mia!

Josette's BFF Mia is moving to Denver, CO in 2 weeks. We had a going away pizza party to say goodbye. She has been Josette's best friend since Kinder and she will be missed by our whole family. Love you Mia!

Happy 9th Birthday Josette!

We opened presents first thing in the morning and had a family dinner with BFF Mia in the evening.

My sweet Josette turns 9 today. There are so many special things about Josette. She is kind and considerate... always thinking of others. She is smart and motivated... when she puts her mind to something, she always follows through. She is beautiful and talented in so many ways... loves art, loves to read and is quite athletic. We love you Josette and love watching you grow!

Stealth Cheer

We were invited to watch Brooke and Audrey Gubernick compete at Long Beach State. There were hundreds of cheerleaders performing that day and it was a good opportunity to see what real competition is like. These girls are incredibly talented and athletic. Brooke and Audrey are sweet and beautiful and a great example to the Lewis Girls.

Western Ho Down

The girls attended the Father/Daughter Dance at St. Lawrence. They danced, dipped marshmallows and oreo's in the chocolate fountain and had a special night with their Dad... they even learned the electric slide!


The girls signed up for their 1st cheer class. They were cheering for the Dolphins, learned many new cheers and performed a stunt where Josette and Gigi were the base and Jessie was a flyer. They did well and had fun!