Jan 29, 2011

First Reconcilliation

Josette made her 1st confession today with her CCD classmates. We were there to love and support her!!! This is her CCD and Tulita friend, Bella.

Jan 23, 2011


The girls have been dying for me to sign them up for a class and I finally did. Every Monday morning Gigi and Jessie tumble, jump, swing and somersault in their Gymnastics class while Van and I sit and cheer them on.

Jan 21, 2011

Another tooth out...

Another visit from the TOOTH FAIRY! This is #7! I think.

Jan 18, 2011

Field Trip to the Los Angeles Zoo

This was a special day for both Josette and I. She was excited for weeks that I would be going as a chaperon, and I was thrilled that she was so excited for us to spend the day together. It was just the 2 of us for the day... which is not often as I have to divide my time between 4 children. The 2nd graders took the bus to LA and I drove down with Suzy Palumbo. We broke off into a small group and toured the zoo with a very enthusiastic Docent. We all met in the park for a beautiful lunch under the trees, then when it was time to leave, Josette and Mia decided to ride home with us. One on one time with my little ones means so much to me!

Jan 14, 2011

Anna's Princess Party

Oh, this is every girls dream! My little 3 year old Jessie Joy was invited to Anna's Birthday at Olivia's Dollhouse Tearoom. They dressed up in costumes, heels, hats, jewelry, hair and makeup. They had a fashion show and a fabulous tea party with various finger foods and delicious treats. I just loved watching my little girl get pampered and transform into her idol... Ariel. What a fun time celebrating Anna turning 4. Can't wait to go back for another fabulous experience!

Jan 12, 2011

Jan 11, 2011

Josie and Dad...

and his foo man choo stache.

Jan 9, 2011

Van's Baptism

It was a beautiful day to christen our son. He is lucky to have Jane Scallon and Uncle Paul as Godparents. Our little angel sent from God is our gift of joy.

Jan 1, 2011

New Years Day

A beautiful day in Redondo Beach. LIFE IS GOOD!!!