Redondo Fair

It's time for the annual Village Fair.  We went down for a couple hours of rides, games, music and ice cream!


The slide is everyone's favorite!

Jed's Birthday

Thanks Susie for inviting us to celebrate Jed's birthday at R10!
With The Brusseau's, Jodi, Watson's and Kelly's
 Hi Josette!
Jess and Paige

Terranea With The Watson's

Thanks Christyne for having us over for the day... there's no better place to be pampered!

Dinner With My CSULB Girls

It's been soooo long, too long since I've seen my college friends!  We met for dinner at The Camp and I loved every second catching up and laughing with these fun girls.  It was great to see Melissa, Roni, Trista, Kat, Lynn and Dana!  Can't wait to do it again!
 Lynn and Dana

Dana, Dana, Dana!

Summer Time

Play Date at our house with Bailey, Katie, Cameron, Kiana, MacKenzie and Jess.  Good times!

Jeff's Birthday

Happy Birthday Jeff!  49 looks good on you!  We celebrated with presents in the morning then dinner at Bettolino Kitchen.  It was so nice to have Amir join us as we watched the kids dive head first into the hamburger and giant blue cupcake.  Loved celebrating our main man and hope he had a great birthday!  We love you!

  Hi Amir!
 Ginny and Gene

 Jessie Joy!
 Clean up time!
 Good times with Amir!

Bay Club With Our OC Besties!

While Jeff was working on his birthday, we headed south for a day with our sweet friends The Akins and Rice girls at The Balboa Bay Club.  Love, love, love spending time with Angie and Jaime!  I love that our kids love spending time together too swimming, playing and giggling in the pool and on the beach.  Looking forward to more fun days with our friends soon!
 Gigi and Lilah
 Jaime and Angie

 Josette, Gigi, Ruby, Isabella, Jessie and Shawnie

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Jeff!  And Happy Father's Day to our wonderful Fathers... Grandpa Bill, Grandpa Lang and Gene!  We are blessed to have wonderful men in our lives!   This year Father's Day was filled with lots of fun and love.  The kids like to give Dad their gifts 1st thing!  We then headed to the beach for a windy day in the sand.  Later, we joined Ginny and Gene for dinner at 22nd Street Landing and finally a little stroll around the Korean Bell.  How lucky are we to have a loving, devoted, hardworking and caring Dad & Husband?  VERY!!!!!!  Thank you Jeff for always being there for us and taking care of your little tribe!