I am thankful for my children.
I am thankful for having the best mothers, brothers and sisters.  Really lucky!
I am thankful for my wonderful husband, the love of my life.
I am thankful for new members of our family Bruce, Robert and Lisa.
I am thankful for sweet Sylvie and her good boys.
I am thankful for happy little girls.
I am thankful for too much turkey and football!
I am thankful for our close relationship.
I am thankful for cousins!

Uncle Fred's 70th Birthday

He was pleasantly surprised to see us all waiting at Poncho's in Manhattan Beach to celebrate his birthday.  Sweet uncle Fred was surrounded by family and lots of love!

Blush Party

Hung out with Sherry and Heather tonight and sold beautiful Blush fashion to Heather's neighborhood friends.  She did quite well as 40 women toured her home to get an early start on Christmas shopping and mingle over good apps and wine.

Pilgrims and Indians

We love the Thanksgiving Feast in Kindergarten.  It was so nice to hear what these sweet souls are thankful for.  Jessie was thankful for her family!  Van was thankful to join the class and eat the yummy treats.

 Jess and Bailey
Jess and Maeve

Fit Kids Gymnastics

The girls just finished a 12 week session of gymnastics that included fun on the trampoline, balance beams, cartwheels, bars, climbing and ropes.  Good job Josette, Gigi and Jessie Joy!

Date Night

Jessie's turn!  Her date... Daddy.  Her attire... purple princess dress.  Destination... Good Stuff and 31 Flavors.