Open House

Tonight's theme was red carpet night at the Oscar's. We all joined Josette as she shared with us her art work and classroom projects in 1st grade. It was a great night visiting with her classmates and seeing all of her beautiful creations. Josette's art skills and writing ability are excellent! Her teacher Mrs. Sato is the best!!!!

My Baby Shower

I am 30 weeks pregnant and my little baby boy will arriving soon. My sweet and wonderful friends threw me a shower at Jaime's house. Ang, Deb, Jaime, Jessica, Cathy, Sherry, Renee, Melissa, Michelle and Kelly were all so sweet and generous to shower me with love and gifts for baby Van. It's all becoming so real seeing these tiny blue clothes. I'M HAVING A BOY! I can't believe this little man will be joining our family so soon. Opening all the gifts let's me visualize him with us. I had a fabulous day with my best friends and was so happy to share everything with the girls when I got home. They were so EXCITED to go through everything and are equally anxious to meet him. I am very thankful to have my friends. Their love and support mean the world to me!

Cooling Off

It's always refreshing to cool off on a hot day by running in the sprinklers. That's exactly what we did... with our clothes on!


Josette took 2 sessions of Karate this year at Tulita. Every Wednesday after school she would go to the cafeteria and take the 1 hour class. Her poise and discipline were amazing. She was always enthusiastic and focused. We attended her belt test and to our surprise she skipped 4 belts and received her green belt. We're all so proud of her ability and determination. Good job!