Suzanne's Birthday

Celebrated Suzanne's birthday dancing to the tunes of Headshine at the outdoor concert at Terranea.
Nune, Matt, Ang, Jen, Suzanne, Joyce, Jeff and Matt
Gigi, Jeff and Beau
Emily and Joyce

What a great night!
Gigi, Jessie and Melina

Yanni, Tyler and Van

Van And Friends

Joaquin, Van and Tyler

Magic Castle

For my birthday, my besties took me away for an over night at Petit Ermitage and a night at the Magic Castle.  Thank you Angie, Jaime and Sherry for a great time laughing, eating and catching up.  Love you all!!!

Late night stop at Chateau Marmont for a drink or two.
Petit Ermitage was a beautiful hotel with a cool vibe.  We loved our late night lounge and relaxing by the pool.

4th of July

Great day joining the Ave C block party for games, food, music and friends! 
Josette did face painting
Jessie, Gigi, Josette and Van
Josette and Kylie
Joyce and Jeff

Paolo and Jeff

Chloe and Rose
Ginny and Gene