13th Anniversary

Jeff and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary last weekend in Santa Barbara.  It's rare that we have an overnight away so this was definitely a special treat.  It's also special because it's been 25+ years since we've been there.  We drove 2 hours north Sunday morning, stopping at Kings in Calabasas on the way.  When we arrived the weather was gorgeous and stayed that way our entire trip.  We dined at The Waterfront Grill and Moby Dicks on the Pier.  On Monday we spent the day in Solvang and Santa Ynes.  I loved our long walks, the delicious sea food and of course, the shopping.  It was so nice to have alone time to ourselves.  We put our home life away for 3 days and reconnected again like we were dating.  Jeff and I have been together for 17 years and although at times it is difficult, our relationship overall is loving, meaningful, comforting and passionate.  I love Jeff, I trust him and can't imagine life without him!  I love our life together and am happy and fortunate to grow old and gray with this man :) 
 We stayed at Hotel Milo.
 On the Pier.

 Loved everything about Solvang.

Loved the beautiful scenic drive through Santa Ynes.  Stopped at Cold Springs Bridge and had a drink at the old tavern.  Definitely an eerie feeling in the air passing the crosses along side the road.

Our tour of the historic Santa Barbara Mission founded by Father Sera.

Love you Jeffrey and look forward to the next 13!

Visiting Hunter

Our good friend Hunter Mann has been in the hospital for 26 days!  She has Cystic Fibrosis which weakens her lungs and heart.  She just found out when she goes home she will be on oxygen full time and home schooled.  We had a wonderful visit with Hunter.  She was happy, energetic and beautiful!  I know how much she suffers, but she puts on a brave face and has a happy attitude and outlook.  It's going to be a rough road for her as she adapts to these changes but hopefully with the love and support of her family and friends she will get through this and fight this disease.  We pray her for everyday and look forward to each and every time we're together!

Angie's Birthday

How lucky I am to spend the day at the Balboa Bay Club with my dear friends Angie, Jaime and Michelle.  We met in Newport to chat, laugh and catch up on the latest, all while celebrating sweet Angie's birthday.  It's so important to spend quality time with your friends... they make me smile, they give me insight and they're just so fun to be with.  We sipped on the most delicious bloody mary's by the pool then had a bay view lunch at Waterline.  The time always goes by so quick with my girls but I savor every moment and look forward to the next.
 Jaime, Angie and Michelle
Happy Birthday Ang!

Jessie's First Holy Communion

Jessie's First Holy Communion was a very special day for her to receive Our Lord and us all to be a part of.  The First Holy Communion is a Catholic ceremony, which marks a child's first reception of the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  She has prepared for this day for the last 2 years through her CCD classes at St. Lawrence.  She wore a beautiful white satin dress worn previously by Gigi and Josette and was surrounded by our family and friends during Mass.  We then had a late lunch celebration at The Red Onion.  So much fun and so much joy filled the day.  It was a blessing for me to see my youngest daughter receive the Eucharist and I am so grateful to everyone for coming out to join in this special day.
 The Lewis gang

 Jessie bringing up the gifts.

 With Jonah, Raquel, Josette, Gigi & Natalie.
 Ginny & Gene
 Grams Furnare, Grandma & Bruce
 Jed, Jess & Susie
 Cousins table
 Michael & Cathy
 Sylvie & Joe
 Jeff, Natalie & Christyne
 Giana, Van & Jess

Josette's Open House

We were very impressed visiting Josette's 6th grade classes.  It was nice to chat with her teachers and see what she's been working on.  All year Josette has excelled!  She's taking honors classes, is on Honor Roll and received straight A's!  Fabulous job Josette!  Keep up the good work and know we are all rooting for you!  And... we love you to the moon and back!

Parras Panther

Happy Easter!

The kids woke up to baskets filled with treats!  The girls, including Sasha sang beautifully in the church choir.  The Brusseau's and cousins also joined.  It was a beautiful Easter mass filled with our family and friends.  We said good bye to Andy, Allyson, Sasha and Devlyn as they were heading back to South Carolina on a red eye.  It was the end of a wonderful visit with them!  We then drove out to Uncle Joe and Aunt Sylvie's for an egg hunt and Easter dinner.  Another beautiful Easter Sunday in the books... filled with family and friends

After Church photo op.

Sasha, Beau, Dev, Jack, Van, Jess, Marissa and Gigi
Jess, Susie and Jed

The hunt begins!

Caleb and Josette
3 bigs and a little

Just missing the Fragoso's :(

Mom is doing awesome just a few months following heart surgery.
Thanks Joe and Sylvie for having us ALL over!
Jess, Jeff, Lauren, Bruce and Robert
Mom and Bruce
Caleb and Joseph
Cathy and I
Giana and Lauren
The Cordas's
My gang