Jessie Joy's 8th Birthday

Jessie Joy turns 8!  It was a fun filled day from start to finish.  She woke up bright eyed and ready to go.  She opened her gifts with family and off to school they went.  I picked up everyone a little early for a birthday lunch along the water at Ruby's.  Then friends and sisters, Mia and Ava came over for play and dinner at Buca.  Ginny, Gene, Grandma, Bruce and Grams also joined us for a big Italian feast and visit.  Jessie was thrilled!  She had her family and friends by her side, special treats and gifts, a new bike and yummy birthday cake.  We love our little black haired beauty, she is so sweet and funny.  Jessie is charming and loving and a very nurturing caretaker.  She is also independent and smart.  She's always laughing and does cartwheels nonstop.  Jessie is fun loving and has a ton of friends.  We love our Jessie Joy and wish her joy and happiness all year long!
Dad surprised us at Ruby's

Testing her new bike

Grams, Grandma and Bruce

Gene and Ginny

Van, Jessie, Jojo, Mia, Gigi and Ava

Gigi's Music Performance

We all came out to see Gigi sing.  The 3rd graders at Tulita gave a beautiful music performance.  So cute and entertaining!
 Gigi and Isabella

 Kara and Cameron

Chinese New Year

Today we ventured to Chinatown with Susie and Jess for the Chinese New Year Parade and festival.  Lot's of colorful dragons and dancers.  Confetti and cotton candy.  We dined at an authentic Chinese restaurant and bought souvenirs to take home.  It was a fun day all around!

 Van's Bff, Jess.

Catching Up With Jane

We met Jane at W's with Ginny and Gene.  It's been a while and it was so good to see her and catch up on life.  Sadly, after dinner Jeff and I went to visit Alpa.  It's been 2 days since Craig passed away and we went to the house to pay our respects.  Difficult time and so hard to understand why and how this could happen. 

Jessie was absent from dinner because she was having a sleepover at Mia's for her 8th birthday.  Jessie had a long day... Dad joined her and the entire 2nd grade at the LA Zoo.
 We love Jane and always have a great time together!

Lunch Date With My Joy

I checked Jessie out of school early to enjoy a nice lunch together.  We dined at her favorite restaurant, Asaka.  We talked about the upcoming Science Fair, her birthday and all things 2nd grade.  Love spending quality time with my little Joy.  I treasure these moments and will always make time for more in the future!

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day in the Lewis house did not disappoint! The kids woke up to balloons, stuffed puppies and chocolates.  We made a breakfast of pancakes and bacon then Jeff took half of the clan to the Cove and I took some to Wilderness Park.  Raquel and Jonah were staying with us for the weekend.  After the Cove, Jeff and the kids joined us at the park for some lunch and exploring.  Later that evening we joined Ginny and Gene at Avenue Italy for a romantic family Italian dinner.  Such a fun day and night with the ones I love.  Couldn't ask for anything more!