Happy Easter!

This beautiful Easter Sunday started out worshiping The Lord Jesus Christ who has Risen today!  For the past month the girls have focused on the meaning of Easter and how Jesus died for our sins.  At an early age they are spiritual and loving and it shows through their prayer and compassion.
Best Buds.

All dressed up in our Sunday Best!

A trip to Grandma's to join our cousins, aunts and uncles for more egg hunting, good eats and special family time.

Girl Cousins.
3 Grown Up Sisters.
3 Little Sisters.
3 Teen Sisters.

There's always a sport on the telly.

Van likes big cousin James.
Too much fun wipes you out!

Thank You Easter Bunny!

Egg Hunt

Easter Eve brought us to Bell Canyon to spend the day with Sherry, Georgie and Lily.  We met Alice and The White Rabbit, hunted for eggs and ate yummy BBQ with friends.  Such a lovely family day.  On the way home we stopped at Ginny and Gene's for a scrumptious Easter dinner. 



Jessie amazes me!  It was a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, Jessie was outside gathering all things nature.  She spent an hour humming away creating this perfect little organic friend.  Her attention to detail is impeccable!

She's created a zen rock garden on our porch.

Robyn and Ted

Spending some time at HT with good friends, good food and good conversation.  Always a good time!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Josette's Trap

3 little girls made 3 intricate traps to catch a leprechaun.  Each with her own creative way to lure the little creature in and capture him forever.  We all had big hopes but he outsmarted their smarts.  The green fairy came and went, he took all the special treats and left chocolate gold coins in the traps.  Oh well, we'll be sure to try again next year!
Jessie's Trap
Gigi's trap

Gigi's 7th Birthday

My beautiful blonde Gigi is 7 years old.  There are so many things we love about Gigi.  She has the prettiest smile and dimple.  Gigi is funny, smart, loveable, inquisitive, sensitive, adventurous and a good friend.  She always lets me kiss her from head to toe.  When she is determined she can do anything!  We love the little girl she's become and love the constant joy she brings to our lives.

We spent the day at Knotts Berry Farm to celebrate the Birthdays.  1st time the kids have been there and 1st time in about 25 years that Jeff and I have been there.  Ginny and Gene joined us for the fun.  We had a great day on the rides! 


Josette's 10th Birthday

We've had many celebrations leading up to this day and Josette turning 10 is finally here.  We woke up and opened tons of presents, had a yummy sweet breakfast and off to school they went.  The Cordas Gang surprised us in the afternoon with a birthday visit.  We jumped, had a mexi dinner and delish cupcakes to end the night.
Josette is every Mother's dream!  She is sweet, kind, responsible, smart, talented, beautiful and loving.  Did I mention extremely helpful too!  God blessed us with this precious soul to pave the way for her 2 sisters and brother who look up to her and respect her.  She is growing up so fast and through each step in life she continues to impress us with her good nature and ability to make the right choice.  I love her confidence and know that it will allow her to accomplish the goals she sets for herself.  Happy Birthday to our AMAZING JoJo!