Date Night

We've been having a lot of Date Nights lately.  It's important for each child to have special time with Mom and Dad.  Tonight Jessie chose her Dad and they went to Asaka Sushi.  She wanted teriyaki chicken!  They ended their night with ice cream at 31 and a huge smile!

Barkley the Bear

This weekend Gigi brought home her class pet, Barkley the Bear.  He did everything with us.  Van took a special liking to him and his big bag of clothes and toys.

Dinner with Friends

Had dinner with Sherry and Barry at the Chart House.  Nice to finally meet Barry and much enjoyed our conversations and night out.

Date Night

Josette picked me for date night and we went to Islands.  Had to stop by the mall too for a gift from Justice.  Love our special time together!

Snow Day

We had our 1st sleepover at Sherry's then woke up Sunday morning for Snow Day in Bell Canyon.  We had so much fun sledding, rock climbing, eating and dancing.

Love spending time with my BFF!
 Stopped by the stables to meet some new friends.

Cameron's Birthday

Gigi spent the day with Cara, Maddie and Cameron at American Girl to celebrate Cameron's 6th Birthday.

Date Night

Gigi's date night!  She picked Dad and they went to Good Stuff for some Good Eats!  There's nothing better than spending one on one.

Awards Assembly

1st Trimester awards were given out and Gigi received awards for Math Wizards, 100% Homework and Good Citizenship.  GREAT JOB GIGI!!! 

Gigi and Cameron
Josette received awards for 100% Homework and Good Citizenship.  GREAT JOB JOSETTE!!!
 Carolyn and Josette
Fabulous 4th Graders
Jeff and Scott were given awards for Cutest Doting Dads!

Dance Party

Dinner and a show... We had a delicious Italian dinner at Ginny and Gene's with Andy, Allyson, Sasha and Dev, then the kids danced and sang.  It was our last night with the cousins and they definitely enjoyed every minute.  


Date night

Thank you Ginny and Gene for babysitting so we could enjoy a night out at the Admiral Risty.  So nice to spend time with Andy and Allyson.  Thank you so much for making the trip to California and spending your break with us.  We had the best time and hope to do it again next year!

More Mammoth!

Andy and Allyson hosted dinner tonight and the kids licked their plates.
Every night was movie night.  Tonight it was Toy Story 3.
Date night with Ginny and Gene in Convict Lake... The Restaurant was great!  Good times!
Shopping with the girls in the Village then a quick stop by the huge Christmas Tree.
Gigi's 1st time on the lift and skiing solo.  Great job G Force!
Gene is such a big help!
Thank you Dad for being the best instructor!
Cry Baby!
There they go!
Sledding on Tamarack Lake.  A gorgeous day and wonderful way to end our week in Mammoth.

We had the best time and hope to do it again next year!!!