Lake Arrowhead

We spent a few days in the snow with the Blaka Family. They have a big and beautiful lake house in Arrowhead. Jeff and George took the kids sledding right outside the front door. With Chef George's delicious cooking, the beautiful weather and cozy indoors... you couldn't ask for a better time.

Christmas Day

We woke up early to see what Santa brought us... a doll house, a bike and a treasure chest of princess dresses. We spent the day at Grandma's running around with our cousins. That night we left to spend a few days in the snow.

Christmas Eve

It was a fun night to stay up late and open presents at Grandma's house. We spent time with Uncle Matt and Kathy, Aunty Babe, Uncle Paul, Grandma Furnare and Aunty Ann and Aunt Sylvie and Uncle Joe. The finale was the wonderful harmonica performance.