More From Idaho

 Sledding out front.  Cold and beautiful!!!

Daddy and his girls

Nail salon and Thai dinner for Sasha's birthday!  Nothing better than being with family!

The boys
My girl!
Birthday cake!
Chill time
Cozy New Years Eve! 

Where's Dev?  Always close to his Daddy.  So cute!
Uh Oh!  Gigi fell getting off the lift chair and fractured her thumb!  She was a trooper smiling through the pain.

Our last dinner in Teton Springs

Love this!

Road Trip!

We spent the night with Grams, then woke up the day after Christmas and headed to Idaho.  First stop... Sandy, Utah.  We met Uncle Andy, Sasha and Devlyn there for 2 nights.  We were ready for tons of snow and that's exactly what we got!

Jeff and I spent the evening in Park City and had dinner at Fletchers.  We ran into the owner Steve, who happens to be an old friend of Jeff's from PV.  What a fun coincidence!

As soon as we arrived in Idaho, we settled into our beautiful log home in Teton Springs Resort.  The next morning we headed for the slopes.

Grand Targhee Ski Resort

Van's 1st time boarding

Hi Dev!

Lunch break with Sasha

So darn cute!

Loved our cozy home for the week!

Morning birthday surprise!  Happy 11th birthday Sasha!  We love you!

Uncle Andy and his girl!