Fishing in Santa Ana

Josette and I got up early and joined Grandpa Lang and Uncle Joe for an early morning fishing trip at the Huckleberry Pond. Caught 1 trout and 2 catfish... not bad for beginners. Little miss Gigi wasn't feeling well, so she stayed home with Daddy and Jessie. This was our 2nd time fishing and look forward to doing it again with the whole family! By the way, I cooked the fish that night (trout) and I have to say... it was pretty good!

We Went To The Beach Today...

well after Church and Chez Melange, and all I can say is it was gorgeous and fun!

Empty Saddle Club

Ponies and sheep, hamburgers and chili, hayrides and country music... all in one afternoon. Jane and Judy invited us for a nice outing at the Empty Saddle Club. The girls finished the day making bracelets and decorating horseshoes. Oh what fun!

Thank You Easter Bunny...

for bringing us treats in our baskets! The girls of course, woke up early to see what he had left. We spent the morning at Church to thank the Lord and then to visit Maryanne Struble in Palos Verdes. This is where Jeff and I lived before moving to Redondo. We have such fond memories of our times here with Dewey and Maryanne. It was a nice visit for us to catch up with her and for the girls to walk around and play with the dogs. What a beautiful day it was and always a beautiful view from Casa Felicia.

Easter at Joe and Sylvie's