Vote For Josette!

Josette's running for 7th grade Activities Coordinator.  Cute poster Jojo and good luck!!!


There are so many things I'm thankful for with the most important being family.  I have a big one!  Growing up in a family of 7, there was little time in my world for peace and quiet.  Although I crave it sometimes... I really wouldn't have it any other way.  With 4 kids, our home is always loud and lively.  When we all get together for the holidays, it's even bigger and better.  My Mom does a great job hosting.  There's anywhere from 30 to 40 people at our gatherings.  I'm very thankful to have so many loved ones in my life... family and friends and I love that our kids have a boat load of fun loving cousins.  When I say I'm thankful... I'm thankful to God for making it all possible.  God puts joy in my heart!  Making a habit of thanking God through prayer helps me realize just how many blessings I have in my life.  This Thanksgiving and all year long I will continue to be grateful for family, friends, health, safety, freedom, food, shelter, laughter and my loving and forgiving God!
Gigi and Jessie Joy
Michael and Cathy
Gene and Ginny
Cathy, Grams, Joe, Mom... and sadly missing Paul and Ann
The kids table :)
My sisters Cathy and Sylvie
James and Jessie Joy
Dance Party

Grams and Gianna
Jeff and Josette
Clean up time!
Bruce and Mom
James, John Paul and James
Joe and Sylvie
Caleb and Michael
Jacob and Cathy

Gigi and Raquel

Cousins And Friends

 The Cordas' and Brusseau's joined the Lewis clan for an afternoon of fun.
 Gigi, Jonah, Marissa, Jessie, Jack and Beau

 Raquel, Bailey, Gigi, Marissa and Jess
 Tad, Jeff and Jed

 Susie and Jed
 Gigi, Josette, Raquel and Bailey
And then sweet Robyn stopped by!

Just A Tuesday

We spent the day at Sherry's with Heather and the whole clan.  We played, laughed, ate and colored faces.

Gigi and Josette with Eva.

Hunter and Van

Van and Georgie