Aug 28, 2012

First Day of School

Gigi started 1st grade with a huge smile and butterflies in her stomach.  She loves her teacher Mrs. Martin!
Josette wore her new dress and couldn't wait to get to school to start 4th grade.  She loves her new teacher Mrs. H!
 Josette with friends... Carolyn, Tessa, Bella and Bailey.
Jessie was cute as a button in her new dress to start Kindergarten.  She was a bit nervous but excited to meet new friends.  She loves her teachers Mrs. Nitsiotis and Mrs. Estrada.

Aug 26, 2012


We celebrated Gene's birthday at L'Opera in Long Beach with Mom & Bruce and Al & Randa.  We were missing Ginny tonight as she wasn't feeling well.  It was a great time with delish food and interesting conversation.

Beach Day

Aug 25, 2012

Gene's Birthday

Happy Birthday Gene!  You are such a huge part of our lives and we love and appreciate you.  You are nice, smart, dependable, adventurous and always a good time.  Love the memories we have made and hope there's many more to come.  Thanks for always being there for us!

Aug 24, 2012

Another day at Dolphy

 It's our go-to spot to eat lunch, run, climb, and hang.

Aug 20, 2012

Aunty Ann's Birthday

We all surprised Aunty Ann today and brought her cake for her birthday.  She'll never tell me her age, but I think she's 7 years younger than Grandma so Happy 82nd Birthday Aunty Ann... We love you!

Aug 19, 2012

Bike and Brunch

The girls spent the night at Aunt Cathy's so Jeff and I took the bikes out for a ride along the beach and brunch at Chez Melange.  Little Van was in tow... hating it in the beginning then decided to chill and enjoy the ride.  It's been a long time Chez and oh how we've missed you.

Aug 18, 2012

Carrie's Baby Shower

We just love Carrie and can't wait to meet her little boy, Travis Gregory!

Great picture of Grandma Furnare and Mom... Granny just turned 89!  She's the best!
BFF's... Carrie and Amanda
Sylvie and Gianna
Ann and her girls Claire, Constance, Krista and Carrie with Carrie's Mother-in-law

Cathy and Raquel

Aug 17, 2012


Right outside our door.

Aug 15, 2012

Fragoso Fun

Spent the day with Aunt Ann, Krista and Constance.  It's been a while... so it was soooo nice catching up!

Aug 12, 2012

Art Zone

Gigi joined her Kinder friends at Art Zone to celebrate Hope's 6th Birthday.  They painted, made clay animals and treasure boxes and came home with lots of crafts and treats!

Aug 10, 2012

Vacation Bible Study

The girls spent the week at Riviera Methodist for our 1st VBS. Everyday they sang songs, performed skits, made crafts and learned and discussed Bible stories with each other.  We ended the week with a family BBQ Luau where the kids performed their songs.  It was a great experience!

Aug 9, 2012

Claire, Carrie and Granny!

Today we drove to Alta Loma to spend some time with Claire and Carrie.  Carrie is about 30 weeks pregnant with her 1st little boy!  After our fun visit with cousins, we stopped by to spend some quality time with Grandma Furnare and Aunty Ann. 

Aug 8, 2012