Brunch and Boat

My BFF Sherry invited us all for a day of brunching and boating from Marina Del Rey to Palos Verdes.  Yes, we did this for my 40th and Sherry thought it would be fun to do a repeat birthday.  Besides getting a little sea sick, I had a great time with my sweet friends who spoiled me and made me feel 41 and fabulous!  I feel grateful to have these lovely ladies in my life who I've known since Junior High and College.  It's fun for us Mom's to take a day off to laugh and let loose once in a while!  Thanks Sherry... you're wonderful!

Sherry, Joyce, Renee, Michelle, Debbie, Angie, Roni, Heather, Lynn and Trista.

We anchored right in front of the Struble house where Jeff and I lived when we got married.

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