Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas!

Oh what fun it is to wake up on Christmas morning to check your stockings and open gifts!  Well this year the stockings were stuffed with treats and a note was left by the fireplace.  A letter from Santa said to look outside and you will see a year long gift set up by me... A Gigantic Trampoline!
We jumped all morning, then spent the day with Grandma and Bruce.  Everyone was there and it was wonderful to be together.  Our Christmas was filled with loved ones, good food and many laughs and surprises.  Good times and beautiful memories!


Grandma Furnare and Travis Gregory
 Jacob and Josh
Grandma and Krista
  Lauren, Jessie, Josette, Raquel and Gigi
Grandma Furnare and her Great Granddaughters
Grandma Furnare and her Great Grandsons 




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