4th of July

Lots of family, backyard games, scavenger hunt, talent show, BBQ and fireworks... all things to compile a wonderful 4th of July!  Thank you Cordas Family for inviting us over for another year of fun!
 Balloon Toss... Winners: James and John Paul

 Egg Relay... Winners: Josh and Van

 Chimp Race... Winners: James and Jonah

 Grown ups
 Wet Willies


Thanks Grandma and Bruce for bringing the fireworks!  Thanks Jeff for lighting them!

 Talent Show... Skit

 Talent Show... Dance
 Talent Show... Let it Go Song
 Abby and Gene
Bruce, Grandma and Grams
 Jeff, Van and Michael
 Ginny and Jessie
 Joe and Sylvie
Cathy and Gigi

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