Christmas Day is finally here!  We had the best time waking up early to see the fun gifts Santa left, and opening all the gifts under the tree.  This year we had our celebration at Uncle Joe's house.  Grandma was in her 3rd week of recovery and doing well so we thought we'd give her a break and move the party to Joe and Sylvie's.  Unfortunately Ann, Mark and the girls couldn't make it because they were all home sick but Carrie and Kris stopped by with the babies so we could get a sneak peak and hug before they were off to see Kris's family.  I say this all the time, but there really is nothing better than being with family and thankfully we have a big one.  I just wish someday ALL of our family could be together.  And most importantly we are thankful for having Jesus in our lives and wish him Happy Birthday!

Grandma is doing great!
Kris and Carrie
Kristin and Travis
Joseph and Van
Jeff and Grandma
Raquel, Josette and Jonah
Jess and Dad
Robert and Lisa
My Love
Cousin Love

The Lang's
Bruce and Grandma

Grams is the best!

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