Grandma's Heart Surgery

Grandma with Josette the day she went home.
This has been a very trying week for Grandma and us all.  It all started last Saturday when mom called to let me know she was in the hospital having tests run to check her heart.  She was feeling extreme pain in her jaw and head the week before and the pain became unbearable.  She had a CT Scan which came back negative, then an angiogram which showed she had 2 blocked arteries.  They scheduled open heart bypass surgery for Wednesday.  Well, her surgery went better than expected.  For the most part she is doing wonderful! She is sitting up, taking little steps, eating little bites and talking and smiling big!  My sisters and I have been with her everyday in the hospital and are so thankful she listened to her body and caught it before having a heart attack.  She is strong and determined to regain her strength and have a healthy and speedy recovery.  We all love her so much and are praying daily for her good health.  Life can change in an instant... appreciate and love what you have every day!

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