Happy 4th of July!

July 4th never disappoints!  It's always a day filled with love, family, good food, laughs, games, talent show and fireworks!  Jam packed fun from start to finish!

Ginny, Mom and Grams
Michael, Bruce, Joe and Jeff
Gigi and Gene
Me and Sis

Egg race

Balloon toss

More balloon tossing

Winners Van and James!

Gorilla race

Sylvie and Grams
Me and Grams
Jim, Jenny, Grams, Mom and Bruce
Talent Show... Jonah's dance
Jessie and Van's acro

Gigi and Gianna's jokes

Jessie and Gigi's dance
Jonah and Raquel's dance

Josette's dance
John Paul jump roping
Joseph's commercial impersonation

It's all fun until someone gets hurt... sorry Jonah!
Gianna and Van
Great memories!

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