Jul 12, 2015

Van's 5th Birthday

Our favorite little boy turned 5 today!  He was so excited waking up to balloons and presents galore!  We watched as he opened his favorite things.  Josette's friend Bailey had slept over and joined us for our fun filled day.  After breakfast we enjoyed a few hours at the beach then headed over to Chuck E Cheese for more hours of fun.  Thanks Brusseau's for joining us... Van loves having his best friend Jess by his side.

Gigi and Van
Van, Josette and Bailey
Van's smile melts our hearts.  He's nice, smart, funny and a little shy.  He is so loved by his sisters and sometimes a tad bit spoiled.  He loves Ninja Turtles, Sponge Bob, superheros, cars and his BFF Jess.  He also loves the beach, Dolphy Park and frozen yogurt at Penguins.  I love that he lets me smother him with kisses!  We love him so much and enjoy watching him grow.  Van is Daddy's buddy!  He loves when they build boats and airplanes.  He loves when they scooter and skate board.  He was Dad's biggest and best surprise 5 years ago and always his best friend forever!

Beautiful day in the sun and sea.

Van was today's main attraction.

Love you Van!

Van and Jess
Jed and Jeff
Susie and Jed

Games, games and more games.

Pizza and cake.

Ticket Blaster