Christmas With Grandpa Lang and Ozell

Lots of wonderful family celebrations!  We all met at Aunt Cathy's for Christmas with Grandpa Lang and Ozell.  Uncle Joe and Aunt Sylvie joined too.  The kids loved being together and riding this year's hottest toy... the power board.  Everyone took turns riding until the end of the night when Gigi face planted and cut her chin.  An hour later we were 5 stitches in at the urgent care.  We were just 1 of the many casualties this season.  Minus the injury... we had a great time always!!!

Love you Dad and thank you for all the wonderful gifts!
James and Joseph
Josette and Raquel
Van and Gianna
Jonah, Jessie and Gianna
Can't get enough of the power board!
Dad and Joe
Dad and Cathy
Dad and Ozell
Gigi's war wound

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