Jessie Joy's 9th Birthday

Our little black beauty turns 9 today!  Jessie is a gem!  She's adventurous, kind as can be, thoughtful, creative and funny!  She also loves her sleep!  Only on her birthday does she jump out of bed with a smile on her face, ready to start the day!  The tradition in our family is to wake up first thing to presents, coffee and cinnamon rolls.  Jessie enjoyed opening her gifts from family!  Then we got ready for the party.  Family and friends joined us to celebrate little miss sweet, smart, athletic, strong (willed) and beautiful Jessie!  The day was filled with joy!
Homemade cards and coupons from sisters.

Josette and Eva
Grams, Gene, Ginny and Mom

Aunty Cath

Dad and Bruce

Outdoor entertainment

What a surprise!  Van lost his 1st tooth!

 My BFF!  Sherry!
Raquel, Lilly and Jess
Lilly, Jess and Jonah
Our baby!

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