Mammoth Time

It's that time of year again.  Time for our annual trip to Mammoth.  This year we arrived as Mammoth's record breaking snow streak continued.  Luckily we were all warm and cozy in our Mountainback condo watching the blizzards outside our window.  Jeff and the kids did manage to fit in a few days of boarding and skiing.
Loving up Gigi!

Van Gene and Gene  xoxo
Jojo being Jojo

Little miss Jess

Our favorite bakery, Schat's.

Family pics before dinner.

Mammoth was so fun!  Not only did Ginny & Gene join, but also Mom & Bruce, Lisa, Robert & Lauren, The Brown's and Amir & Belany.
Beau and Jeff
Josette, Lauren and Jessie Joy
Lisa, Robert and Emily

Mom and Bruce

1,2,3,4   we're ready to go!

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