Josette's 13th Birthday

It's official!  I have a teenager!  Josette Marie is 13!  She's smart, beautiful, talented, sweet and funny.  Josette is everything you could ask for in a daughter and more.  She brings joy and light to our lives.  We had a great night celebrating her birthday with family and friends.  We dined at Buca then had a sleepover with Bailey, Jesse, Paloma and Kylie.  It was a fun night filled with many laughs and good memories.
Gigi, Kylie Jesse, Jessie, Paloma, Josette and Bailey
Jesse, Kylie, Paloma, Josette and Bailey

Van and Gene
Ginny and I
Jessie Joy and Dad
Dad and JoJo
Ice cream and cupcakes


Her favorite brother!

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